The Perfect Choice!

Fiberglass Flag Poles

Display your colors with pride and confidence on a fiberglass flagpole. Long lasting and maintenance free, fiberglass is the perfect flagpole material. It's non corrosive, rust proof and offers superior strength and durability. Fiberglass flagpoles are designed for residential, commercial, institutional and nautical use. We install professionally! These will add a touch of beauty to any location. Show your pride by flying a national, state, municipal, family, nautical, organizational, historical or other flag

A Choice of Styles and Sizes

Fiberglass flagpoles come complete with all accessories. Sets include gold aluminum ball, truck (pulley assembly), polyester halyard, cleat, snap hooks, groundsleeve, instructions and flash collar. Outrigger and Wall Mount poles come with wall brackets. Other colors are available.

Professional Installation

A fiberglass flagpole is a quality product. It is both attractive and designed to withstand the elements. Fiberglass does not corrode or rust which makes it ideal for nautical and other outdoor situations. Fiberglas flagpoles are strong, too. They can stand up to high winds and other weather conditions without fear of damage, yet are significantly lighter than steel or aluminum. Unlike metal, fiberglass is maintenance free. Flagpoles made of this unique material have a high luster finish that is durable and soil resistant. Since fiberglass absorbs sound, the noisy clanging of snaps on metal is not a problem. Because fiberglass is nonconductive grounding is not required unless wire halyards are used. Fiberglass flagpoles are available for residential and commercial use, including external halyard, nautical, vertical wall mount, internal halyard and outrigger styles. All models are designed with a classic entasis taper. Installation is simple,. The lightweight characteristics of fiberglass make it easy for a homeowner to install the residential models. All that is needed is a little help and a few household tools. Show your pride with a fiberglass flagpole!